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Katsuura Orthopaedic Clinic

Sports Medicine

KOC's doctors, sports trainers, physical therapists, and physical therapists are all engaged in ongoing study and practice of care and treatment of the high performance athlete.  In addition to their  professional capacities, many staff members are as well themselves sportspersons and martial practitioners.  

KOC treats world-class athletes from around the  globe, including professional and Olympic competitors.  In order to respond to the special needs of the lifestyle athlete the Clinic conducts a variety of sports-specific programs:


Pre-Participation Physical Examinations (PPPE)

Evaluation and Scientifically-Based Fitness Training and Education (go to: Sports Club)

On-field First-Aid and Triage

Physical Therapy for Chronic and Acute Ailments

Specialized Corrective and Reconstruction Surgery (Utmost attention is paid to functionality, performance, and timely return to activity.)

Post Injury/Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Coordination with Team Trainers or other Continuing-Care Providers.

The medical staff is also versed in doping control,  or prohibition against certain types of medications for athletes competing in national, international, and Olympic competition. The Clinic offers both education and screening.

KOC is in regular collaboration with university sports teams, sports-trainer programs, and sports-specific medical organizations.  In addition to offering care and instruction, the Clinic is utilizing these relationships to gather census, and data for the advancement of sports medicine.  (For more information regarding allied organizations please go to: Links.)


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