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The Katsuura Sports Club is a Sports Club.  A "Sports Club" implies a special meaning in Japan.  Unlike the commercial gymnasium which has become so popular, a sports club is essentially a medically-based evaluation and fitness training institution which is attached to and administered by a licensed medical organization.  Evaluations are made using precise scientific methods and fitness training programs are based on known medical principles.  In order for athletes to reach peak-performance the latest and most advance training methods are required.  The Sports Club provides for the organization, facilities, and expert medical staff to realize such high-performance requirements.

Pre-Participation Physical Examinations (PPPE,) Body-Composition Tests (Body-fat/muscle measurements,) Strength Testing, Endurance Testing, VO2 max-uptake calculation, and Individual Training Regimens (ITR) based on the results of those evaluations are conducted in the Sports Club.

The requirements of the many sports and competitive activities vary greatly.  For example, we can quickly imagine the difference of soccer as compared to Sumo wrestling, or Basketball versus Judo.  Differences are not limited to  sports alone, unique characteristics vary from person to person.   In the Katsuura Sports Club activity, body-type, fitness level and age, history of illness or injury, competition schedule, and available training time are all considered in the planning and management of each individual's custom training program according to their lifestyle and requirements.

Participation in the Katsuura Sports Club requires membership.  Membership ensures continuity in training menu objectives, management of individualized progress and data recording, and periodic re-evaluation testing.  This program ensures that each individual training program is fine-tuned to the member's needs.

For more information, or to apply for evaluation and membership, please contact us.

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