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Katsuura City

Katsuura is situated on the lower Pacific side of the Chiba Peninsula.  the Peninsula is also known in Japanese as the "Boso Hanto" with our lower portion more specifically referred to as "Minami Boso" or Southern Boso, and in a shorter form as "Nanso." Projecting south from the Tokyo region, the peninsula forms one side of the Tokyo Bay, with the bay-side known as the "uchibo" or inner boso, and our Pacific facing side know as the "sotobo," or outer boso.

During the feudal times of pre-modern Japan, the lower peninsula region was known as the Kazusa domain.  From even earliest times, the region was important for fishing and agriculture, these vital industries continuing on to today, as part of the area's main commerce.


 In the year Tensho 18 (1590), the far-sighted feudal lord Uemura Tosanokami Yasutada, established a morning market, akin to the farmer's market of the West, to stimulate productivity and commerce.  This "asa-ichi" has continued on now for more than 400 years, and is a popular tourist destination as well as source for local fish, produce, and folk crafts.

In addition to fishing and agriculture, the pristine ocean setting, dramatic cliffs and coves, and sand beaches, have made Katsuura and the local area a popular vacation spot. From large resort hotels, to small family run inns, lodgings of every variety and price range can be found.

Marine sports, sailing, sport fishing, surfing, windsailing, diving and so forth attract sportspeople from throughout Japan.  In the mountain meadows behind Katsuura, there are rivers, waterfalls, and hot springs that attract nature lovers.  In particular, the Spring foliage, the festival of the Fire Flies in early summer, and the spectacular Fall colors are popular attractions here.

With Chiba boasting the most golf courses of any other prefecture, golf enthusiasts flock to this area in order to enjoy the excellent courses during the day, and fine dining, pubs, and variety of hotels in the evening.

Built simultaneous to the Tokyo Olympics, Katsuura is the home to the training center of the Nippon Budokan, the umbrella organization of martial arts in Japan.  The Japanese national teams hold their group practices here, prior to going on to international competitions, as well as serving as the site for national federation seminars, and college and school team joint-training camps.

A number of Marine Studies Institutes have made Katsuura the site of their field laboratories due to the clear waters, varied marine life, and access to the Japan Current just off our coast.

Katsuura is also home to one of the Japan Space Development Agency's satallite tracking stations which provides the Japan Meteorlogical Agency with their up-to-date weather information.  A little closer to home, Katsuura also hosts a Japan Coast Guard radio navigation beacon, the lighthouse of the modern era, to provide for safety and efficiency of the busiest trans-ocean traffic lane in the world, just off our coast.

Katsuura City has a population of roughly 20,000 people.  Including the local college, a nearby school of physical education and martial arts, and host of private schools and company retreats, the area has a colorful variety of inhabitants and visitors  From fishermen to scientists, farmers to students, sports enthusiasts, vacationers, nature lovers young and old, Katsuura has a surprisingly varied demographic cross-section.


It is in this pristine and cheerful environment that Katsuura Clinic provides care for our friends and patients.