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Katsuura Orthopaedic Clinic   


KOC  is situated atop the coastal hill range overlooking the beautiful Katsuura Bay.  This new facility was completed in 1997 and provides for the most modern and up-to-date orthopaedic therapy, surgery, rehabilitation, and sports-related medical care.

In response to the over-capacity numbers of patients the clinic was expanded in 2001-2002.  Due to a continuing increase in our patient load and operation schedules, we are undertaking another expansion scheduled to begin in the Autumn of 2005. 

Planning and preparations for a separate Management Annex building, an all new Sports Medicine, Sports Club, & Research Academy, and expansion of our Rehabilitation Departments are under way now and will be implemented during the expansion slated for Autumn 2005.  

KOC  is committed to offering the best possible care to our patients.  This mandate can be found manifest our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.  

Please see below for a brief description of our Katsuura Facility and its furnishings:

The Main Building overlooking Katsuura Bay.  Completed in 1997 the 1203 u facility includes the administrative offices, examination and treatment rooms, X-Ray room, MRI room, laboratory, 2 operating theaters, patient ward of 19 beds, two post-surgery intensive care recovery rooms, physical therapy & rehabilitation rooms,  a dining and food service facility, and expanded waiting lounge.

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Reception and Records Office: The reception and records staff assist patients with appointments, records management, and insurance processing matters.  For business hours please Go To: General Information.  


Doctor consultation: patients are evaluated by the physician staff in the Examination Rooms.  Patients also receive education about their ailments, advice regarding treatments, and recommendations for continuing care during these consultations. Consultations regarding surgery, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and Sports Club programs are conducted here as well.


X-Ray, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and Fluoroscopy:  Essential for orthopaedic medicine, KOC maintains state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging devicesX-ray graphic plates are the basic tool of diagnostic imaging.  MRI is a new technology that greatly refines the specificity with which the physician can examine the various body parts.  In MRI, a strong magnetic field is generated around the patient's affliction.  Differences in the magnetic properties of the tissues are identified by the MRI machine and  translated into graphic images.  This leading-edge technology is essential for accurate evaluation of minute or complex conditions.  Fluoroscopy is a dynamic form of X-ray imaging.  X-Ray shadows are projected onto a fluorescent screen.  The physician can observe images of joint articulation, vascularity, and the progress of surgical instruments dynamically and in real-time with this valuable tool.

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Physical Therapy (PT) & Rehabilitation Room:  Patients receive PT for acute and chronic ailments, and post-injury/post-operative rehabilitation in this multi-functional room.  Traditional forms of therapies such as stretching and massage are administered to the patients by highly-trained and licensed specialists.  In addition, various modalities such as Traction, Heat & Cryogenic Therapies, Infrared Therapy, Microwave Therapy, T.E.N.S and F.E.S. Therapies, Ultrasound Therapy, Pneumatic Compression, Electric Acupuncture Stimulation (EAS), and exercise apparatus are used in conjunction to facilitate the patient's timely, thorough relief from discomfort, and return to activity.  

Traction is used to decompress inter-vertebral discs that suffer from compression problems, or which lack adequate stability on their own.  

Heat & Cryogenic Treatments utilize heat or cold sources to increase or control blood-flow to ailing muscles and joints.  

Infrared Therapy uses electromagnetic radiations in the 0.75 - 1000 range to provide for heat and to stimulate blood circulation.  

Microwave Therapy employs electromagnetic radiations in the range of 300,000 to 100 megacycles to increase blood flow.  

T.E.N.S. Therapy (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and F.E.S. Therapy (Functional Electric Stimulation) uses small, controlled charges of electric current administered to the skin, adjacent to nerves and muscles, to stimulate nerve activity and provides for pain-relief.  

Ultrasound Therapy employs mechanical radiant energy of frequencies greater than 20,000 cycles/sec. to accelerate blood flow.  

Pneumatic Compression employs air pressure injected into a cuff placed around extremities to provide for compression and massage.  

Electric Acupuncture Stimulation (EAS) employs needles precisely inserted into the patients' skin just to the surface of the membrane covering the muscles thereby stimulating the nerves.  This in turn produces an analgesic effect as well as other therapeutic benefits.  

Various exercise apparatus such as stationary bicycles, step-machines, treadmills, and resistance devices are utilized to improve muscle strength, coordination, and endurance. 

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Patient Ward: Increased from 7 to 19 beds, our patient ward offers state-of-the-art, environment-controlled comfort for our surgery inpatients.  Private or multi-person use rooms are available. telephones and/or personal televisions are available for all beds for a small fee.@

Nursing Station:  Nurses specially trained in pre-operative preparation and post-operation care provide round-the-clock 24 hr. care for our patients.  The nurses and surgical staff coordinate with the rehabilitation department to ensure seamless transition from post-op recovery to inpatient rehabilitation activity.  Patient families receive admission and discharge information, confer about special arrangements, and make inquiries here. 

Operating Rooms:  To facilitate the most advanced and delicate surgical procedures, KOC maintains a state-of-the-art operating rooms and equipment.  Tried-and-true surgical know-how and leading-edge technology are united here by KOC's surgical staff.  Specialty equipment and apparatus, including multiple arthroscope units, microsurgery systems, portable X-ray and fluoroscope, are maintained as standard accouterments of our faculty.

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