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  Katsuura Orthopaedic Clinic

Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports Medicine, and Internal Medicine

Katsuura Orthopaedic Clinic (KOC) specializes in the care and treatment of orthopaedic related ailments and injuriesKOC offers care in the form of therapeutic treatment, physical therapy, corrective and reconstructive surgery, and rehabilitation.  Care is available on both inpatient and outpatient basis.

KOC's specialty area of concentration is in Sports Medicine.  All physicians and allied medical staff are involved in continuing research and education concerning the special requirements of the high performance athlete.  KOC conducts programs designed to prevent injury, promote high-performance, provide first-aid and long term treatment for sports related conditions.

In 2004, in order to meet the needs of our patients, we increased our services to include Internal Medicine.  Included in this general internal medicine service our physicians have specialties in Cardiology, and Rheumatology.

The doctors and staff members of KOC are all trained and certified to the highest standards in their related fields.  In addition to individual credentials, the clinic itself is registered as a member of the Japan Medical Association, the Japan Orthopaedic Association, the Japan Arthroscopy Association, and the Japan Assoc. of Orthopaedic Sports Medicine to name just a few.  Membership to the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine and the International Society for Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery, and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine are now in process.

KOC is located on the Pacific side of the lower Boso Peninsula which comprises Chiba Prefecture.  The clinic's prime location in Katsuura City provides a beautiful view of the Pacific, clean ocean air, and a relaxing atmosphere in which to receive medical treatment, just one and a half hours from Tokyo Station.

        We Invite you,

   Saburo Arima


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